Graeme Maxton

Climate Change Economist and Author

Audio book, A chicken can’t lay a duck egg part 3

Chapter 10 part 2 Obstacles on the path ahead

There are other obstacles which need to be overcome.  One is infighting among those pushing for change – The “Judean People’s Front” challenge. Others are extreme individualism and big corporations which are working to slow the transition to a sustainable society.

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Chapter 10 part 3 Obstacles on the path ahead

A further problem is outdated colonial thinking, which is hard to spot and a huge challenge. Western countries still think they better, and that less-developed counties should adopt their economic ideology. But this is mostly in the interests of the rich world.

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Chapter 11 Where should the transition begin?

Some countries and some organisations understand the challenges ahead. They know what needs to happen to slow the pace of climate change, and they understand the risks. Changemakers need to bring this unusual coalition together.

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Chapter 12 part 1 What can I do as an individual?

There’s so much you can do. The first task is to communicate. Learn the facts, speak up, build your network and remember there is just one goal. Be prepared for lots of push-back and make sure you work with others to bust those myths.

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Chapter 12 part 2 What can I do as an individual?

Protect the new system from those who worked in the old one, because they will kill it. Ask tough questions of the organisations around you, and remember that people don’t always do what they should. If you are able to take on an activist role, focus your efforts on just one target at a time.

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Chapter 13 Join us!

Every day more people understand that humanity needs to create a better future for itself, where people live in balance with nature and each other. Join us on this journey to a better place.

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Front Cover of the book

For many years we worked to promote radical social reform. We didn’t do this for some moral or religious purpose. We did it because there is no other way. If societies do not change, they will collapse. A book of hope – about how societies can use the economic slowdown caused by Covid-19, to make them fairer, and slow the pace of climate change.

“Reading this book felt like having some smart, funny, and passionate people round for a dinner party where they explain things in a way that gets the point across while also being witty and engaging.”

Dr. Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings, Deakin University, Melbourne.

Chapters 10.2-13