Graeme Maxton

Climate Change Economist and Author

A Chicken Can’t lay a Duck Egg

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“This cry from the heart from two top policy insiders is a must read!” Hazel Henderson, futurist and an economic iconoclast.

“Buy ten much-needed copies, one for yourself and the rest for forward-thinking, committed, tough-minded, and effective friends who really want to save the world.” Daoist Monk Yun Rou.

“The authors contend that the only alternative to collective eco-suicide is a radical democratization of society. I couldn’t agree more. Young people, especially, should read this book!” Richard Smith, economic historian and author.

“A must read for every thinking person.” Prof Paul Shrivastava, Penn State University.

“Read and act on the wisdom of this book now. In another decade it will be too late.” Dr Susan George, President and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Transnational Institute.

“Bold, dramatic, and visionary. I hope humanity is up to the challenge.” Jorgen Randers, Co-author The Limits to Growth (1972).

“An engaging and unsettling little book that makes a powerful case for urgent and fundamental social change.” Prof Mark B. Brown, California State University, Sacramento.

“Passionate about the realities; clear about the changes; funny when it needs to be. This book takes us from chaos to opportunity.” Martin Palmer, Secretary General, Alliance of Religions and Conservation.

“This book maps a communication pathway: get the facts straight, bust the myths, and speak out. A clarion call.” Dr Kerryn Higgs, University of Tasmania.

“Reading this book felt like having some smart, funny, and passionate people round for a dinner party where they explain things in a way that gets the point across while also being witty and engaging. Dr. Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings, Deakin University, Melbourne.

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Graeme and Bernice being interviewed about the book by Helen Bagnall, Founder of Salon London at at the ALSO Arts Festival, December 2020

Learn how to save the world for less than the price of a pizza!

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Rather than viewing the economic slowdown caused by Covid-19 as a problem, societies should see it as the greatest chance for a radical change in decades.

Instead of bailing-out polluting firms, governments should take the chance to close them. Rather than boosting economic growth, societies should downsize and build a new economic system, that can coexist with nature. Governments should introduce a basic income for all and retrain people to work in the sectors which will be needed: materials recovery, emissions capture, repairing, sharing, and recycling. To pay for this, they can print money, just as they did after the 2008 crash. The risk of bankruptcy will be much easier to handle than runaway climate change.

Covid-19 also gives nations a unique opportunity to work together, to create a more sustainable future for everyone. It is the only way they will eradicate the virus and respond to climate change effectively.

Whatever happens, the failures of the current economic system, the impact of climate change, and the planet’s other environmental troubles will force radical change on societies soon, whether they want it or not.

Covid-19 offers humanity the chance to choose a better path.