Graeme Maxton

Best-selling author & presenter on the major challenges facing humanity


Graeme Maxton in Germany 2016Graeme Maxton is a best-selling author, speaker and writer on the major challenges facing humanity.  He is a Full Member of the Club of Rome where he was Secretary General from 2014 until 2018. His latest book, Change! Warum wir eine radikale Wende brauchen, (2018) was published by Komplett-Media.

A trenchant critic of modern economic thinking, Graeme is also the co-author of Reinventing Prosperity: Managing economic growth to reduce unemployment, inequality and climate change (2016). The German edition, Ein Prozent ist genug: Mit wenig Wachstum soziale Ungleichheit, Arbeitslosigkeit und Klimawandel bekämpfen was a No 1 best-seller. Graeme is also the sole author of The End of Progress: How modern economics has failed us (2011), which was nominated for the FT’s Best Book about Business Award and has been translated into Chinese, Czech, Romanian and German. It was a top-20 Spiegel best-seller.

As well as contributing articles to a wide range of international newspapers, journals and magazines, he is also the co-author of Time for a Model Change (2004), Cambridge University Press’ Feature Book of the Year, and Driving Over a Cliff (1995), which was also nominated for the FT’s Best Book about Business Award.

Until 2007, he was a Regional Director with the Economist Group in Hong Kong. He previously worked for strategy consultants Booz.Allen & Hamilton, in banking with Citigroup and American Express, and was a Visiting Professor at Cass Business School in London from 1988 to 2002.

Born in Scotland, he currently divides his time between Vienna and Taiwan in Asia.

Maxton is a thinker of astonishing depth and breadth, one to speak the tough truths that many other academics, politicians, and commentators avoid.” Huffington Post