My dad's a serious criminal.  What's yours?

My dad's a serious criminal. What's yours?

Opinion 08/08/16

Picking up the kids up from school offers that perfect private moment to share your concerns with them, doesn’t it?

You can talk about your job, and your life. You can ask them about the threat of them suing you, or share your worries about being be charged with crimes against humanity. It gives them the chance to ask those important little questions too. When did you first realise you were a mass murderer, daddy? And, why did you not stop? And so on.

What’s that? You’re not a mass-murderer who’s going to be sued by future generations for what you have done?

Perhaps you are.

If you work in the fossil fuel business or the cement industry, you most certainly are. If you work in the conventional car, bus or truck business, you are too. If you work in aviation, in container shipping or the palm-oil business, count yourself in. And if you produce those ubiquitous nitrate fertilizers, you are most certainly part of the problem. For you will be responsible for tens of millions of deaths in the next 25 years.

Not your boss. Not your company. Not the system.

But you.

Just ask your kids, before you kill them.

Graeme Maxton

Graeme Maxton is the Secretary General of the Club of Rome — a global network of renowned independent thinkers dedicated to addressing the problems facing humanity.

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