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Best-selling author & presenter on the major challenges facing humanity

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Graeme Maxton is a best-selling author, speaker and writer on the biggest challenges facing humanity - climate change, environmental degradation, inequality, unemployment and poverty. His is a director of the Campaign Against Fossil Energy and a Full Member of the Club of Rome, where he was Secretary General between 2014 and 2018. His most recent book Reinventing Prosperity: Managing economic growth to reduce unemployment, inequality and climate change was written with Jorgen Randers. His newest book Change! Why we need a radical turnaround will be published in 2018.

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“The world faces a number of challenges, from persistent inequality and an ageing of population to climate change and the rise of the robot. In this innovative, accessible, and persuasive book, Maxton and Randers show that we don’t need revolutionary changes to meet these challenges. They tell us how big changes can be – indeed, can only be – achieved through a set of reforms that are moderate enough to be politically feasible in the short run. An essential guide to those who want to change the world for the better – and for certain.”

Ha-Joon Chang, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, author of 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism and Economics: The User’s Guide

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